Education 493         Spring 2013
Workshop in design and analysis of comparative studies

David Rogosa
rag AT stat DOT stanford DOT edu

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Class meetings Th 3:15-5:05, Room: 160-323
According to the Registrar
EDUC  493    Workshop in Design and Analysis of Comparative Studies
Units: 1 - 3   	  Grading Basis:  S/NC     Repeatable for credit 
Times: Thu 3:15 PM - 5:05 PM		Room: 160-323    	 
Instructor: Rogosa,David R
Course Description (butchered in the Registrar version)
For students, second year and beyond, with data analysis or research design activities (e.g. dissertation planning or analysis) who have had intermediate-level statistical methods coursework.
Course activities will be driven by the student research activities, with readings and exercises developed around those topics. Past topics arising from student work include: mediating/moderating variables, multilevel data analysis, usefulness of structural equation models (path analysis) and implementation of matching methods and regression adjustments for comparing non-equivalent groups. A variety of computing customs can be accommodated, but R is encouraged.
Instructor note: I renamed this course as: "Workshop in design and analysis of comparative studies" because designed experiments fit this course as well as do the (more common) observational, non-experimental studies.

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Initial Meeting 4/4/13 in 160-323
Course overview and organization, meet-and-greet.

Week 2.
Individual Meetings

Week 3.
Individual Meetings
Regression and Classification Trees.   R-packages: rpart, party, partykit, psychotree
Resources: An Introduction to Recursive Partitioning. Using the RPART Routines. Terry M. Therneau. Elizabeth J. Atkinson. Mayo Foundation.
Carolin Strobel Research Page

Week 4.
Individual Meetings
Mediating Variables.   R-packages: mediation    sobel function in multilevel package    mediation function in MBESS package

Week 5.
Individual Meetings

Week 6.
Group mtg; Bldg 160 classroom
Student presentations:
Regression Trees for H5N1
Interventions in MOOCS
Mediating variable in minority teens

Week 7.
Individual Meetings

Week 8.
Individual Meetings

Week 9, 5/30.
Group Meeting, Bldg 160.
Final student presentations