Course Meetings     Friday 1:15-3:05, Cubberly room 206

Note: AERA San Francisco 4/7 - 4/11   program
First class meeting 4/14

week 1. 4/14
Initial meeting and greeting. Impressions of AERA, updates on student research, and discussion of content for 4/21 and beyond.

Sidenote on Powerpoint:
One should always hear both sides, and Ed Tufte (one of our stat grads) certainly deserves his say.
Some things you might find amusing.
Edward Tufte, PowerPoint is Evil -- Wired Issue 11.09 September 2002 adapted from The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint a 28-page pamphlet
a good review and the famous Gettysburg work-up   Columbia shuttle
or there's a series of famous NY Times articles such as "PowerPoint makes you dumb." Clive Thompson (Dec. 14, 2003) text only
And of course the view from Slashdot

week 2. 4/21
this week in stat209. This spring quarter I (rogosa) am also launching a new course, stat209 (ed260)
Understanding Statistical Models and their Social Science Applications, class web page link.
As this is in part a course in research design some of the examples seem useful for ed350C discussion.
Two items that we can try out for discussion 4/21 are:
the television and ADHD (case study #1)
and the USDOE maifesto on experiments (medical clinical trials) being the only path to useful practical knowledge (what works): see week 2 stat209, Evidence driven progress etc.

Also if we have any volunteers we can do group discussion of student research or problem-finding (i.e., let's make some research)

week 3. 4/28
Continue with student discussions of individual research projects.
discussion of stat209 examples: TV and ADHD, USDOE on experiments,  and this week's news item:     Study Fuels Debate Over Police Lineups

from week 3 discussion on reliability etc, an item of some relevance
Shoe Shopping and the Reliability Coefficient
more material on Accuracy Guide page

week 4. 5/5
Continue with student discussions of individual research projects.

Interpretation of multiple regression materials: Regression Analysis : A Constructive Critique  Richard A Berk (2003).
Berk, Chap. 6,7 (Using and Interpreting Multiple Regression) Berk online: Chap 6  Chap7
Also Mosteller and Tukey, "Woes of regression coefficients"

week 5. 5/12
Continue with student discussions of individual research projects.

week 6. 5/19
Continue with student discussions of individual research projects.

Materials related to data reduction (mainly principal components)
Class example, principal components (with R documentation)
  same example in Minitab

And for something (almost) completely different: factor analysis
Derivation of Theory by Means of Factor Analysis or Tom Swift and His Electric Factor Analysis Machine J. Scott Armstrong
The American Statistician Vol. 21, No. 5 (Dec., 1967), pp. 17-21 Jstor link

week 7. 5/26
In the news: science education
Science Test Scores Fall for High School Seniors
Study urges early emphasis on science
first year project wrap-up; course evaluations

week 8. 6/2
Year End PSE Social, June 2nd, 5pm - 7pm, Dean Stipek's home